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William D. Postell, Sr. Professional Development Award

This award – which was named for William D. Postell, Sr., in recognition of his dedication to medical librarianship – partially or completely covers registration fees and travel-related expenses for an SCC/MLA member to enroll in a continuing education course or workshop.

Applicants should demonstrate how this course or workshop will offer preparation for future professional responsibilities, provide a unique opportunity not normally experienced by SCC/MLA members, and serve to benefit SCC/MLA colleagues.

A total of $4,000.00 will be available to fund SCC/MLA members' continuing education experiences this year.

To qualify, applicants must be SCC members with an MLS (or equivalent) and work in a professional position. Applicants who have received an award within the last three (3) years are ineligible.

Application: Adobe Portable Document Format PDF
Microsoft Word Document Word

Applications must be received at least 15 days prior to the date of the intended course or workshop.

This document can be saved, filled out and then e-mailed to Lou Ann Thompson at

Previous Postell Award Recipients

  • John Bourgeois
  • Adela Justice
  • Emme Lopez
  • Alyssa Migdalski
  • Daniel Stuart
  • Montie' Dobbins
  • Nha Hyunh
  • Rebecca McKay Johnson
  • Norice Lee
  • Marcus Spann
  • Christy Tyson
  • Karen McElfresh
  • Beatriz Varman
  • April Schweikhard
  • Joyce McFadden
  • Dena Fracolli Hanson
  • Barbara Steffensen
  • Dawn Field
  • Peace Ossom Williamson
  • Joy Russell
  • Karen Keller
  • Marlene Bishop
  • Hanna Kwasik
  • Helen Caruso
  • Lisa Huang
  • Jonquil D. Feldman 
  • Dena Fracolli Hanson
  • Deidra Woodson
  • Dana Whitmire
  • Julie Schiavo
  • Yumi Yaguchi 
  • Lisa Berry
  • John Cyrus
  • Dee Jones
  • Dixie Jones
  • Maureen (Molly) Knapp
  • Susan Steelman
  • Donna Timm
  • Julie Esparza
  • Margaret Garner
  • Kimberly Pullen
  • Jessica Delgado
  • Siobhan Flahive
  • Emily Hurst
  • Angela Ledger
  • Lola Purvis
  • Lou Ann Thompson
  • Rajia Tobia
  • Deidra Woodson
  • Barbara Ballew
  • Carolyn Bridgewater
  • Jonquil Feldman
  • Sheila Green
  • Melissa Kash Holley
  • Gary Ives
  • Hanna Kwasik
  • Christine Mitchell
  • Julie Schiavo
  • Margaret Vugrin
  • Kathy D. Broyles
  • Shirley Campbell
  • Amy Faltinek
  • Kathryn Kerdolff
  • Katherine Anne Luedecke
  • Barbara Mercer
  • Loan Nguyen
  • Albert Robinson
  • Angela Ledger

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