SCC/MLA 2019 Speakers

Ron Banks, DVM 

Director, Division of Comparative Medicine – University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Dr. Banks will address the role of animals in research and the compassionate care role of veterinarians and veterinary technicians in assuring good animal welfare and reliable research outcomes (with the guidance of librarians for the latest and best methods and procedures).

Alix G. Darden, PhD, MEd

Professor of Research, Director of Faculty Development, Department of Pediatrics –
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Dr. Darden is involved in the Academic Pediatrics Association’s Education Scholars Program as a faculty mentor and member of the curriculum committee. Her current research interests are in how to create effective and sustainable faculty development programs and factors that influence organizational culture change.

Jeff Greene, CEO

Founder of Medencentive

Mr. Greene will discuss improving health and lowering the cost of care in the general population by means of “doctor-patient aligned incentives” and “information therapy” to elevate health literacy and compliance.”

Valerie Williams, PhD, MPA

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development – University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Dr. Williams has the expertise to address a variety of topics including, but certainly not limited to, professionalism, mentoring, building a professional portfolio, the science of learning, and generational differences in the workplace.

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