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October 25-29, 2024 • W Dallas – Victory • 2440 Victory Park Ln, Dallas, TX 75219 (map)

SCC 2024 Annual Meeting (Dallas, TX)

In Dallas, the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of knowledge converge to create an ideal landscape where your professional dreams will flourish. In this dynamic city – surrounded by world-class medical institutions, cutting-edge research facilities, and a vibrant community of healthcare professionals – we invite you to step into a realm where dreams aren't just encouraged: they are celebrated.

Imagine a future where your expertise plays a pivotal role in advancing medical research, supporting healthcare practitioners, and shaping the future of health information management. Join us in this hub of medical excellence, collaboration, growth, and transformative impact, where opportunities are as vast as the Texan horizon, and let this city be the canvas for your aspirations in health science librarianship.

The stage is set; it's time to "Dream Big" in Big D!

Note: The text above blends the results of two ChatGPT requests.

Local Arrangements Committee

  • Jon Crossno, Co-Chair
  • Kelly Gonzalez, Co-Chair
  • Phill Jo, Chapter President
  • Kristy Reynolds, Meeting Treasurer
Bill Saunders
Carol Seiler
Eva Osborn
Sara Ann Stinson
Facilities/Social Events/Catering
Brook Amen
Alysha Sapp
Hema Sawhney
Hospitality/Onsite Information
Jamie Quinn
Jane Scott
Lorraine Sheldon
Hayley Yording
Jean Hillyer
Tracy Soto

Program Committee

  • Phill Jo, Chapter President & Co-Chair
  • Shari Clifton, Co-Chair
  • Jon Crossno, Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair
  • Montie Dobbins, Continuing Education Committee Chair
  • Kelly Gonzalez, Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair
  • Libby Ingram
  • Amanda Okandan, HLIS President-Elect
  • Jeff Swindoll
  • Erin Ware, HLIS President

Contact Information

For local arrangements questions, contact Jon Crossno and Kelly Gonzalez.

For exhibits/sponsorships questions, contact Sara Ann Stinson and Eva Osborn.

For registration questions, contact Jean Hillyer and Tracy Soto.

For billing questions, contact Kristy Reynolds.

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