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The Hospital Library Interest Section (HLIS) had a successful luncheon and speaker presentation at the annual meeting in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. The décor theme of pinwheels and Colorado flag colors was organized by Lauren Wojick. Dr. Robin Dowell, Assistant Professor in the Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology Department at the University of Colorado- Boulder, delivered an engaging talk titled "Understanding Your Genome: The Path to Personalized Medicine".

Due to the shortage of time, the scheduled business meeting did not occur. Meeting minutes from 2013 and 2014 are scheduled to be voted on at the 2015 SCC-MLA meeting.

HLIS President, Catherine Mooney, recognized committee members and volunteers for their support in organizing the luncheon, and provided the speaker introduction and closing remarks following the presentation.

The next HLIS business meeting and luncheon will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2015. More details on this luncheon will be coming soon! We look forward to seeing you in Little Rock!

Hannah Rutledge, MLIS, AHIP
President HLIS

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