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SCCMLASouth Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Fostering the Art and Science of Health Sciences Library Service

Committees 2023-2024

Unless otherwise noted, committee members serve two-year terms, which run from the annual meeting to the next annual meeting (October to October).

Awards & Scholarships

Administers the various awards and scholarships funded by SCC/MLA to recognize and encourage professional excellence among its members and potential members.

Name State Term
Robyn Gleasner, Chair NM 2022-2024
Jon Crossno TX 2022-2024
Carole Gruhn TX 2022-2024
Mary Holt LA 2023-2024
Richard Kaye TX 2022-2024
Lou Ann Thompson OK 2022-2024
Lisa AcuffNM 2023-2025 
Sheryl "Lynn" HamiltonOK  2023-2025
Emme LopezTX 2023-2025 
Connie ManningAR  2023-2025
Becky McKay TX2023-2025 
 Julia Esparza, MLA Chapter Council Representative LA Board Liaison
 Jodi Philbrick, MLA Chapter Council Representative Alternate TX Board Liaison


Maintains the SCC/MLA Bylaws in accordance with those of MLA, proposes revisions when necessary, and holds bylaws revision elections in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Bylaws.

Name State Term
Amy Corder, Chair LA 2022-2024
Julie Bolin TX 2022-2024
Toni Hoberecht OK 2022-2024
Anne Howard TX 2022-2024
David Duggar LA 2023-2025
Zahra KamareiAR 2023-2025 
Sonja Settle OK 2023-2025
Linné Girouard, Parliamentarian TX ex officio
___, HLIS Bylaws Committee __ ex officio
Kelly Gonzalez, President-Elect TX Board Liaison


Facilitates communication between the various individuals responsible for the Chapter’s internal and external communications.

Name State Term
Stephanie Atkins Sharpe, Chair TX 2023-2024
Keith Pickett, Member at LargeLA 2023-2025 
Lindsay Blake, Membership ChairAR 2023-2024 
Jon Crossno, Wild Apricot Co-Administrator TX ex officio
Montie' Dobbins, Wild Apricot Co-Administrator LA ex officio
Julia Esparza, MLA Chapter Council Representative  LA ex officio
Jodi Philbrick, MLA Chapter Council Alternate  TX ex officio
Shari Clifton, Tara Malone, Lynn Hamilton, Jamie Dougherty, Becky Blanton, Newsletter Editorial Board OK ex officio
Joy Summers-Ables, Listserv Manager OK ex officio
Sandra Yates, Archivist TX ex officio
Phill Jo, President OK Board Liaison

Continuing Education

Evaluates the continuing education needs of SCC/MLA members and provides courses to meet those needs.

Montie' Dobbins, Chair LA 2023-2024
Caraline Annichiarico AR 2022-2024
Jon Goodell OK 2022-2024
Bronwyn Sutherland
Shari Clifton OK2023-2025 
Pat Morris AR 2023-2025
Deborah Rhue NM2023-2025 
Beatriz Varman TX 2023-2025 
Julia Esparza, Past CE Co-ChairLA  2023-2024
Deidra Woodson, Past CE Co-Chair LA2023-2024 
Katie Pierce-Farrier, NNLM Region 3 Liaison TX ex officio
Phill Jo, President & Program Co-Chair OK Board Liaison


Promotes the MLA credentialing program in the Chapter and assists members in preparing for the program.

Name State Term
Steven Self, Chair TX 2023-2025
Melissa Fahrmann LA 2023-2025
Sonya Palmer OK 2023-2025
Yumi Yaguchi TX 2023-2025
Dede Rios, Past President TX Board Liaison


Serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board regarding all matters relating to the budget.

Name State Term
Dede Rios, Past President & Chair TX 2023-2024
Charles Seymour, Member at LargeTX 2022-2024 
Laura Haygood (2023), Treasurer TXex officio 
Dawn Field (1/2024-12/2025), Treasurer TX ex officio
Kelly Gonzalez, President-Elect TX ex officio
Adela Justice, HLIS Treasurer TX ex officio
Phill Jo, President OK ex officio
Steve Self, Past Treasurer TX ex officio

Fund Raising

Conducts fund raising activities and coordinates the SCC fund raising activities of other committees and sections so that duplication of efforts shall be minimized.

Name State Term
Ashley Brock, Co-Chair TX 2022-2024
Sara Ann Stinson, Co-Chair TX 2022-2024
Barbara Ballew TX 2022-2024
John Carter AR 2022-2024
Matthew Cross TX 2022-2024
Allison Devries TX 2022-2024
Deborah Rhue NM 2022-2024
Kay Strahan AR 2022-2024
Megan Ann York OK 2022-2024
Jamie Dougherty  OK  2023-2025
Stefanie Lapka TX  2023-2025 
Jennifer Lloyd LA  2023-2025 
Caroline Pacey  TX 2023-2025 
Alice Sherwood TX  2023-2025 
Logan Whittington AR  2023-2025 
Susan Steelman, Past Chair AR   2023-2024
Dawn Field, Treasurer TX Board Liaison


Establishes a mechanism for periodically updating the Chapter history; places photos of historical interest on the SCC/MLA Web site; conducts oral histories of the Chapter’s most prominent members; establishes an efficient and effective method for securing preserving, and organizing the Chapter’s archival materials; and finds a safe home for the SCC/MLA archives.

Name State Term
Kathleen Carter, Chair & Secretary TX 2023-2025
Marilyn GoffTX2022-2024
JoAnn Olsen OK  2022-2024
Karen VargasTX  2022-2024
John Lovelace LA 2023-2025
Tim Nutt, Member at LargeAR  2023-2025
Montie' Dobbins, Wild Apricot Co-Administrator LA ex officio
Stephanie Atkins Sharpe, Past Secretary TX ex officio
Sandra Yates, Archivist TX ex officio
Dede Rios, Past President TX Board Liaison

Local Arrangements

Secures a hotel for the annual meeting, provides hospitality, promotes the meeting through publicity, prepares registration packets, registers members attending, and plans all social events. [An asterisk (*) denotes SCC/MLA membership.]

Name State Term
*Jon Crossno, Co-Chair TX 2023-2024
*Kelly Gonzalez, Co-Chair TX 2023-2024
*Kristy Reynolds, Treasurer TX 2023-2024


Recruits new members for the Chapter, maintains a current and accurate membership list, and provides information on all matters relating to membership.

Name State Term
Lindsay Blake, Chair AR 2022-2024
Lisa Connor TX 2022-2024
Sonya Lemke AR 2022-2024
Marissa TestermanTX 2022-2024 
Marquel Anteola TX2023-2025 
Becky Blanton OK2023-2025 
Ramona Holmes TX2023-2025 
Valerie Prilop TX 2023-2025
Deidra WoodsonLA  2023-2025
Jon Crossno, Wild Apricot Co-Administrator TX ex officio
Montie' Dobbins, Wild Apricot Co-Administrator LA ex officio
Dawn Field, Treasurer TX Board Liaison


Selects a slate of two candidates for each prescribed office and prepares, distributes, collects, and counts the ballots.

Name State Term
Dede Rios, Past President & Chair TX 2023-2024
Shari CliftonOK2023-2024
Julie Esparza LA2023-2024 
Sonya LemkeAR 2023-2024 
Amanda Okandan OK2023-2024 


Studies and evaluates the needs of the members and plans an annual meeting program to meet those identified needs.

Name State Term
Phill Jo, President & Co-Chair OK 2023-2024
Shari Clifton, Co-Chair OK 2023-2024
Jon Crossno, LAC Co-Chair TX 2023-2024
Kelly Gonzalez, LAC Co-Chair TX 2023-2024
Montie' Dobbins, CE Committee Chair LA 2023-2024
Libby Ingram AR 2023-2024
Amanda Okandan NM 2023-2024
Jeff SwindollTX 2023-2024 
Erin Ware LA 2023-2024


Promotes interest in research among SCC/MLA members, fosters research‐related skills of SCC/MLA members, and promotes research activities in the Chapter.

Name State Term
Tara Malone, Chair OK 2023-2025
Ana Cleveland TX 2022-2024
Alexis Ellsworth-Kopkowski NM 2022-2024
Dawn Field TX 2022-2024
Sheila GreenTX2023-2025
Sloane KellyAR2023-2025
 Jim Marcus NY2023-2025 
Jamie QuinnTX  2023-2025
Joseph Morgan Rowe-MorrisTX 2023-2025 
Susan SteelmanAR 2023-2025 
Dede Rios, Past President TX Board Liaison

DEI Task Force (Ad-hoc)

Investigates whether a standing committee on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues should be formed and makes recommendations to the Executive Board

Name State Term
Kenya Iverson, Chair LA 2023-2024
Jon Goodell OK 2023-2024
Adela Justice TX2023-2024 
Molly Knapp TX2023-2024 
Brenda Linares MO 2023-2024
Kay StrahanAR2023-2024
Lauren Wojick TX 2023-2024
Dede Rios, Past President TX Board Liaison

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