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Elizabeth K. Eaton, Ph.D. Research Awards

The Elizabeth K. Eaton Research Awards recognize outstanding research projects that are presented at the SCC/MLA Annual Meeting. The awards are presented at the Annual Meeting after all poster and paper presentations have been conclude and include a monetary prize for the presenters, with funds provided by the South Central Academic Medical Libraries Consortium (SCAMeL).

Contributed Papers Contributed Posters
  • 1st Place: $300
  • 2nd Place: $200
  • 3rd Place: $100
  • 1st Place: $200
  • 2nd Place: $100
  • 3rd Place: $50

The awards had been offered for several years, but in 2009 the SCC/MLA Executive Board — at the request of the SCAMeL directors — approved renaming the awards in memory of Elizabeth K. Eaton, Ph.D., whose interests in library research were instrumental in the development of the annual awards.

Previous Elizabeth K. Eaton, Ph.D. Research Award Recipients

2023  2022 20212020



Because of the 2023 Joint Chapter Meeting, awards were distributed jointly between the Southern Chapter and the South Central Chapter.
Contributed Papers
1st Place "An Examination of Indexing: The Case of Appalachia," Emily W. Blevins, Nakia J. Woodward, Kelly Loyd, Aaron S. Castle, Rachel R. Walden, and Rick L. Wallace
2nd Place Knowledge of Systematic Review Methodology Among Health Sciences Faculty: A cross-sectional survey,” Amy Corder, Laura Haygood, Laura Wright, Samantha O'Connell, and Keith Pickett
3rd Place Is everything free on the internet? An Analysis of LSUHS Grant Associated Publication Citations,” Julia M. Esparza, Montie’ Dobbins, Elliott Freeman, Leah Bryant, Madison Coleman, Ava Pollard, Prerana Ramesh, and Justin Smith, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at Shreveport
1st Place Needs Assessment for a Makerspace for a Campus Community,” Toni Hoberecht and Dora Mensah, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Campus
2nd Place Information Literacy as an Avenue for AI-Generated Healthcare Simulation Case Appraisal," Hilary Jasmin, Sarah Newell, Tara Lemoine, Xavier Agee, and Carmen Kelley, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
3rd Place Teaching CSD Students EBP Access and Utilization Skills,” Lance Day and Karen Flynn, Samford University Library and Samford University College of Health Sciences


Contributed Papers

1st Place (Tie)

“Using a Virtual Escape Room to Assess Epidemiological and Biostatistical Concepts before STEP 1,” Julia M. Esparza, Montie' T. Dobbins, David C. Duggar, Elliott Freeman, Sarah P. Jackson, Erin Ware, Christopher D. Schmoutz, Rachel G. Barlow, Ashley A. Barras, Carol N. Crochet, Kyah Dowell, Robert J. Klazynski, Rachel K. Parks, Wybra J. Price 3rd, and Colton R. Toups, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at Shreveport
1st Place (Tie)
“Technical Services Librarians and MLA,” Toni Hoberecht, Schusterman Library at University of Oklahoma- Tulsa
3rd Place “The Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Faculty Towards Traditional, Open Access, and Predatory Publishing,” Julie H. Schiavo, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans
1st Place “The Best Rx is Better UX: Redesigning, Migrating, and Usability Testing a Hospital Library Website,” Brandy Klug, Brook Amen, Kellie Boyd, Collin Jones, and Juan Sanchez Duarte, Gibson D. Lewis Library, University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth
2nd Place “A Space for Marketing the Library: A Scoping Review of Promotional Endeavors in Academic Health Sciences Libraries,” Stefani D. Gafford and Susan C Steelman, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Library
3rd Place “Our Book Club Kit Experience – What Happened? What Went Wrong?,” Amy Weig-Pickering, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center


Contributed Papers
1st Place "It’s Worse than You Think: Significant Search Function Unreliability in the Major Medical Databases"
Amy Sisson & Lara Ouellette, Texas Medical Center Library
2nd Place "Getting Schooled on Instruction: A Needs Assessment on Teaching Competencies for Librarians"
Catherine Pepper & Thomas D. Halling, Texas A&M University
3rd Place "The Intersection of Information Skills and Behaviors with the Steps of EBP in Local Professional Health Programs Curricula"
Micah J. Waltz, Heather K. Moberly, Catherine Pepper, Christina Seeger, and Stephanie Fulton, Texas A&M University
1st Place "Collection Development within Academic Health Sciences Libraries: A Scoping Review"
Logan Renée Whittington, Lauren Tong, Amanda Pizzollo, Susan C. Steelman of Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Library
2nd Place "Building Consensus Around the Future Remote Work: One Library’s Study"
Sally Bowler-Hill, University of New Mexico
3rd Place "Beyond the Binary in the Wards and Stacks: An Analysis of LGBTQIA+-Related Research in Health Sciences LIS Journals, 2011-2020"
John Carter, NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University


Contributed Papers
1st Place "Are Job Qualifications for Health Sciences Librarians Aligning with MLA's Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success?"
Jodi Philbrick, Ana D. Cleveland, and LeAnn Boyce, University of North Texas
2nd Place "Analyzing the Effectiveness of LibGuide Layout Changes in Increasing User Engagement"
Valerie Prilop, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
3rd Place "Showing Value While Proving Your Own: Identifying An Institution's Intellectual Capital Through a Systematic Approach"
Julia M. Esparza, Kathleen A. Bloomingdale, Montie L. Dobbins, David Charles Duggar, Sarah Jackson, Theresa L B Nail William Olmstadt; Louisiana State University Health Shreveport
1st Place "An Interdisciplinary and Blended Learning Approach to Teaching Evidence Synthesis"
Kathleen V. Carter, Stephanie Atkins Sharpe, Juan Carlos López-Alvarenga, Michael Machiorlatti, Candace A. Robledo; The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
2nd Place "Open Educational Resources: A TCU Faculty Survey"
Alysha Sapp, Jeff Bond, and Boglarka S. Huddleson; Texas Christian University
3rd Place "Zooming to Success: Evaluating Student Grades to Make the Case for Online Instruction"
Laura N. Haygood, John L. Bayhi, A.M. Serrano; University of Texas at Arlington


Contributed Papers
1st Place "What Our Stakeholders Want: Informing Library Instruction From Program-level Outcomes"
Micah Waltz, Heather K. Moberly, Stephanie Fulton, and Esther Carrigan – Medical Sciences Library, Texas A&M University
2nd Place "Elbow Room: Mapping Space Use in a Consumer Health Library"
Valerie Prilop and Elizabeth Brackeen – The Learning Center, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
3rd Place "Studying Studiers: An Investigation of Library Utilization and Unmet Needs During Weekends"
Alyssa Migdalski and Emrys Moreau – Schusterman Library, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa
1st Place "The Ascendance of Health Sciences Librarians’ Interprofessional Partnerships: A Scoping Review of the Literature"
Susan Steelman, Lindsay Blake, Sheila Thomas, and Alice Jaggers – UAMS Library, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
2nd Place "Increasing User Engagement with Online Recommended Resources in a Consumer Health Library"
Valerie Prilop – The Learning Center, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
3rd Place No award given
People's Choice Awards

"More Than Anecdotal: Finding Trends in Collected Data"
Ashley Brock – Edwin G. Schwarz Health Sciences Library, Cook Children’s Medical Center


Contributed Papers
1st Place

"Categorizing Zero-Results Searches Using OPAC Transaction Logs"
Toni Hoberecht, Technical Services Librarian, Schusterman Library, Oklahoma University-Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2nd Place

"Beyond CPU: Development of a Pilot Survey to Gauge Library Impact and Involvement in Scholarly Activities"
Heather Laferriere, Health Sciences Informationist, and Philip Walker, Director, both at Eskind Biomedical Library, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

3rd Place

"Mission Possible: Using Focus Groups to Evaluate a Statewide Outreach Collaboration"
Shari Clifton, Professor/Associate Director and Head, Reference & Instructional Services, and Tara Malone, Assistant Professor/Reference & Instructional Services Librarian, both at Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1st Place

"Tailored Librarian Rounding: Impact on Literature Search Volumes"
Tim Kenny, Clinical Library Manager, and Kellie Boyd, Clinical Librarian, both at JPS Health Network and UNT-Health Science Center, and Michele Whitehead, Department Head, Research and User Experience, Gibson D. Lewis Health Science Library, UNT Health Science Center, all from Fort Worth, Texas

2nd Place

"Resource Use Trends by Medical Students at an Academic Medical Center in the 3rd and 4th Clerkship Years"
Lindsay Blake, Clinical Services Librarian, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Library, Little Rock, Arkansas, and her colleagues from Nephrology Associates, PC and Augusta University: Elena Wood, Shilpa Brown, Erin Latif, Thad Carson, David Kriegel, Pamela Fall, Matthew Diamond, Ashley Saucier, and Sarah Egan

3rd Place

"Exploring Our Roots: Historic Air Force Base School of Aviation Medicine Paves Way for Osteopathic Medicine"
Angela Spence, Alexias Peralta, Charisma Soriano, and Darrel Schmick, Director of Library Services, Osteopathic Library, University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas


Contributed Papers
1st Place "Big Data Limitations: The Sky is the Limit for Overcoming Big Data Barriers"
Porcia Vaughn, Amelia Hall, and Ashley Teufel, University of Texas at Austin
2nd Place "A Modified Scoping Review of Burnout in Library Personnel"
William Olmstadt, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport
3rd Place "Limitless Literature Searches: Finding Answers in Questions"
Katie Prentice, Toni Hoberecht, and April Schweikhard, Schusterman Library, University of Oklahoma at Tulsa
1st Place "Systematic Reviews: Roles for Librarians"
Angela Spencer, St. Luke's Hospital, and Jonathan Eldredge, University of New Mexico
2nd Place "Who (re)Moved my Digital Library? A Case Study of Library Integration and its Impact"
Philip Walker, Rachel L. Walden, Camille Ivey, Heather LaFerriere, and Christopher Ryland, Vanderbilt University
3rd Place "What Do Faculty Consider Most Relevant? Identifying Core Public Health Journals in Public Health"
Laura Wright and Elaine Hicks, Tulane University Matas Library
People's Choice Awards

"Planning and Completing a Book Drive for Malawi"
Karen R. McElfresh, Laura J. Hall, Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center, University of New Mexico, and Patricia Repar, University of New Mexico Arts-in-Medicine

"For the Faculty: Resource Management Explained"
Joanne Romano, Texas Medical Center Library


Contributed Papers
1st Place "Community Knowledge Assessment of HPV Vaccination in Males"
Julia M. Esparza, Grace Dodd, Derrick Murcia, Jessica Sims, Afaf Abdulbaki, Lois Anderson, Gunjan Kahlon, Meher Sindhoora Mavuram, Eric Thomas; LSU Health
2nd Place (tie) "Library: Couch Surfing: Assessment and Planning through a Space Utilization Study"
Katie Prentice, Erica K. Argyropoulos; University of Oklahoma, Tulsa

"Catching the Tidal Wave of Facebook Data"
Alyssa Peterson, Katie Prentice; University of Oklahoma, Tulsa
1st Place "Basic Usability Testing for a Medical Library Website"
T. Louise M. Kidder; University of Texas Medical Branch
2nd Place "A Preliminary Investigation into the Use of Library Instruction Links on Resource Library Websites"
Toni Hoberecht, Rhonda Holt, Salome Pinto; University of Oklahoma, Tulsa
3rd Place "Spheres of Influence: Subject Areas of Librarian Co-Authored Biomedical Systematic Reviews"
Susan C. Steelman, Sheila Thomas; University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences
Honorable Mentions

"It's A Doggy Dog World! Therapy Dogs for Student Stress Relief and Study Breaks"
Linda A. London; Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, Tulsa

"Louis Pasteur, Witches, X-Rays, and Lunar Housing: Examining the History of Medicine Collections"
Robert Marlin; University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston


Contributed Papers
1st Place "Reaching the Rainbow: The Ability of Librarians to Serve LGBT Information Needs"
John Siegel, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2nd Place "proxyFu: Utilizing EZProxy Authentication and LibGuides as a Tool for Promoting Library Resources and Services"
Jason Bengtson, Joanne Romano, and Beatriz Varman, The Texas Medical Center Library
3rd Place "Are We Meeting the Information Needs of Internal Medicine Residents and Faculty? The Follow Up Study"
David Duggar and Julia Esparza, LSU Health Shreveport Health Sciences Library
1st Place "Library Outreach Pilot: Promoting Library Services to Children’s Hospital Visitors and Evaluating Effectiveness Beyond the Pilot"
Erica Owusu, Amigos Library Services
2nd Place (tie) "Increasing Access to Journal Literature through Free Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery: A Case study with Worldcat Discovery"
Jake Nash, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center

"Bridging the Rivers of Discovery: Evaluating Information Professionals’ Experiences and Satisfaction with Implementing a Discovery System"
Marilyn Teolis, Saint Thomas -Midtown Hospital, Nashville, TN; Mary Virginia Taylor, Overton Brooks VA Medical Center Library, Shreveport, LA; and Jan Haley, Saint Thomas -West Hospital, Nashville, TN
3rd Place "Transition from Print to e-Book Use to Support a Medical School Curriculum: Results of an Academic e-Book Usage Survey"
Dohn Martin and Melissa Kash-Holley, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Medical Library


Because of the 2014 Quint MLA Chapter Meeting, no awards were presented.


Contributed Papers
1st Place "Creating a Customizable Bibliometric Methodology to Define an Interdisciplinary Serials List Outside a Subject Area"
Heather K. Moberly, Texas A&M University; Jessica R. Page, The Ohio State University; Gregory K. Youngen, Indiana State University; Barbara J. Hamel, University of Wisconsin – Madison
2nd Place "The Band‐Aid Project: Developing An Outreach Service Targeting School Nurses"
April Schweikhard, MLIS, University of Oklahoma‐Tulsa, Schusterman Library
3rd Place "Blazing New Trails: Creating a Core List of Veterinary Monographs"
Heather K Moberly, Texas A&M University; Jessica R Page, The Ohio State University; Esther E Carrigan, Texas A&M University
1st Place "Circulation Policies in Academic Medical Libraries: A Comparative Study of Allocation Strategies, Demographic Analysis, Service Offerings, and Implications for Practice"
Michele Whitehead, MLS, MA; Laura Gutierrez, MLS; Melody Miller, MLS; University of North Texas Health Science Center, Lewis Library
2nd Place "HealthLINE: Capturing the Pulse of Its Members"
Lisa Huang, Collin College, McKinney, TX
3rd Place "Impact of the 'Librarian on Location' Embedded Service on Liaison Activities"
Erin O’Toole, Biological Sciences, University of North Texas


Contributed Papers
1st Place "School Nurses: An Information Needs Assessment Pilot Project"
April Schweikhard, OU-Tulsa Schustermann Library
2nd Place "Entry-Level Academic Health Sciences Librarians: A Discovery of Professional and Personal Competencies"
Jodi L. Philbrick and Ana D. Cleveland, University of North Texas
3rd Place "Information Prescriptions: A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis"
Michelynn McKnight, Louisiana State University
1st Place "Maintaining Subscriptions beyond the Core Literature: That'll Be the Day"
Heather K. Moberly, Oklahoma State University; Jessica R. Page, Ohio State University; Gregory K. Youngen, Indiana State University; Barbara Hamel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2nd Place "Expanding Library iPad Instruction: Developing and Analyzing a Mobile Technology Curriculum for First Year Medical Students"
Michele Whitehead, University of North Texas Health Science Center
3rd Place "The Role of Tasks in the Internet Health Information Searching of Chinese Graduate Students"
Della Pan and Ana D. Cleveland. University of North Texas
Honorable Mentions

"Christmas Disease, Mozart Ear, and the Stroganoff Method: The Humanity and Hassle of Medical Eponyms"
Daniel E. Burgard, University of North Texas Health Science Center

"Rave Renovations: The Domino Effect of Raising an Active Learning Center"
Susan C. Steelman, Mary Ryan, Janice Hart, and Daphne Hyatt, University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences


Contributed Papers
1st Place "Making the CASE for EBM: The Development and Evaluation of the Critical Appraisal for Summaries of Evidence (CASE) Worksheet"
Margaret J. Foster and Suzanne Shurtz, TAMU Medical Sciences Library
2nd Place "Providing Info on the Geaux: Mobile Resources and Academic Health Sciences Libraries"
Jodi L. Philbrick and Ana D. Cleveland, UNT Department of Library and Information Sciences
3rd Place "Accessing and Assessing the FACTTS: An EBM and Critical Appraisal Course for Medical Students"
Kim Pullen, Head, Liaison Program; David C. Duggar, John Cyrus, Deidra Woodson, Donna Timm, LSU Shreveport Department of Medical Library; Jerry W. McLarty, LSU Health Shreveport; Mark P. Baggett, University of Tennessee Libraries; Daniel E. Banks, Brooke Army Medical Center
1st Place "Incoming Dental Student Expectations of an Electronic Textbook Program"
Elizabeth A. Strother, Darlene P. Brunet, M. Larry Bates, and John R. Gallo, LSUHSC New Orleans, School of Dentistry
2nd Place "iPad Usage in Medical Libraries: A Survey"
Suzanne Shurtz, Derek Halling, and Becky McKay, TAMU Medical Sciences Library
3rd Place "More Than Numbers: Adding Dimension to Library Metrics"
Laurissa Gann, UTMD Anderson Cancer Center Research Medical Library
Honorable Mentions

"Oh, the Places You'll Geaux! A Case Study in Managing Collaborative Opportunities"
Heather K. Moberly, OSU; Esther Carrigan, and T. Derek Halling, TAMU Medical Sciences Library

"Geauxing to the Dogs, Sometimes the Portal Bites Back: The Agony and Ecstasy of Building the Agnic Animal Health Portal"
Heather K. Moberly, OSU


Contributed Papers
1st Place "Effect of a Clinical Medical Librarian as Part of an Internal Medicine Team"
Julia Esparza, Daniel Banks, Marianne Comegys, Jerry McLarty, and Runhua Shi, Medical Library, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at Shreveport
2nd Place "Connecting with Hospital Nurses through MINE: Reflections on a New Method of Instruction"
David C. Duggar, Julia Esparza, Kimberly Pullen, John Cyrus, Montie Dobbins, and Mararia Adams, Medical Library, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at Shreveport
3rd Place "Information Literacy: Significance in a Graduate Medical Education Population"
Sarah Knox Morley, Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center, University of New Mexico
1st Place "Link-Checking the E-Journal Portal: Trust, but Verify"
Alexis Ackel and Clayton Crenshaw, Gibson D. Lewis Library, University of North Texas Health Science Center
2nd Place "Are We There Yet? An Analysis of Web 3.0 Technologies and Academic Health Sciences Libraries in the South Central Region"
Sharon Lee, Ana D. Cleveland and Jodi Philbrick, Health Informatics Program, College of Information, University of North Texas
3rd Place "The Evidence-Based Scholarly Communications Conference: Capitalizing on the Unique Role of Information Professionals in Translational Research"
Philip J. Kroth, Holly Phillips and Jonathan D. Eldredge, Health Sciences Library and Information Center, University of New Mexico
Honorable Mentions

"Looming Ethical Dilemmas: Emerging Mobile Technologies and Prospective Roles for Medical Librarians"
John Cyrus and Mark Baggett, Medical Library, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at Shreveport

"Weird Science: Anatomy of an Internship"
Brenda Gunter, Health Informatics Program, College of Information, University of North Texas and Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library (internship)

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